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” Do not watch”‘ Delhi Metro Girl’ Speaks After Attire Video Goes Viral

After the videotape went viral, Delhi Metro issued a statement prompting commuters to follow” social form”..

A many days agone
, a videotape of a woman wearing a bra and a miniskirt and travelling in Delhi Metro went viral. The clip created a stir online and numerous people questioned her bold apparel choices, while others said that she’s inspired by fashion influencer Uorfi Javed. But speaking to India Today, she said she isn’t doing this for any hype trick, and that she has been travelling like this for months. The woman also said that she does not watch about what people suppose of her.
” It’s my freedom what I want to wear. I’m not doing this for a hype trick or to come notorious. I do not watch what people have to say,” she told India Today.

The woman added she isn’t inspired by Uorfi Javed.” I did not indeed know who she was until lately a friend showed me her print. still, I look up to her after knowing her story.”

The videotape that went viral showed the woman sitting on a seat inside a metro train with a pack on her stage. When she got up to get down at her destination station, the woman was wearing a bikini. The videotape was reportedly taken by a fellow passenger.

After the videotape of her vesture went viral, numerous people on Twitter appertained to her as the” Delhi Metro girl”.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation( DMRC) latterly issued a statement prompting commuters to follow” social form and protocols which are respectable in the society”.

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” Commuters shouldn’t indulge in any exertion or wear any vesture which could offend the sensibilities of other fellow passengers,” it said in the statement. DMRC’s Operations and conservation Act lists out” indelicateness as a punishable offence under section 59″, said the statement.

But the woman refocused out that DMRC has a no videography policy insidetrains.However, they should also have a problem with those who shot it,” she told India Today,” If they’ve a problem with my vesture.