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4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p Pehredaar Web Series Download (2023) Prime Play: Cast, Crew, Release Date, Roles, Real Names

Last updated on March 22, 2023

Pehredaar Web Series Download

Pehredaar Season 3 is an Indian hot web series available on the Primeplay streaming( OTT) platform; Rani Pari, Shyna Khatri and Jayshree Gaikwad are the supereminent cast in the web series. After the successful two seasons, Primeplay goes with the third season of the most successful web series on their platform. The freshman Rani Pari’s amusement in this web series is the highlight as She’ll be the trending actress in the forthcoming days. Shyna Khatri also performs well in this web series, as always. This is a treat to watch for the Primeplay suckers.

Pehredaar is an Indian web series from Prime Play. The Hindi language web series will release on 30 September 2023. It is available to watch online on the Prime Play website and app. The web series cast has Jayshree Gaikwad, Shyna Khatri etc.


The plot revolves around the bold servant joining a house. She has to take care of the old man and satisfy him.

Pehredaar Cast (Prime Play)

Shyna Khatri

Jayshree Gaikwad

Shyna Khatri
Jayshree Gaikwad

Genre: Romance, 18+
Release Date: 30 September 2022
Language: Hindi
Platform: Prime Play

FAQ – Pehredaar Web Series Download in Hindi

How to watch Pehredaar Web Series Download in Hindi?

Currently Pehredaar Web Series is available in Hindi. Because it has been dubbed in Hindi. If you want, you can watch it on different OTT platforms or you can watch its trailer on YouTube.

Which app to download to watch Pehredaar Web Series Download?

Pehredaar Web Series Download is available on Zoomplay Video (Zoomplay) You have to download Zoomplay App from your Google Play Store and you can watch Pehredaar Web Series on 1 month free subscription.

Pehredaar 2 is a Hindi erogenous drama web series with Shyna Khatri, Sharanya Jit Kaur, Jayashri Gaikwad and Neha Gupta in the Lead places. This Web Series directed by Sudhir Mishra. Pehredaar 2 web series release date is 11 November 2022. The first part of this web series has formerly been released on Primeplay, to watch this web series you’ll have to subscription of Primeplay.

Primeplay’s Web Series’s is veritably important liked among the followership. 3 occurrences of this series have been released on Primeplay. Pehredaar Season 1 was veritably important liked by the suckers, after the success of Season 1, Pehredaar Season 2 released on 11 November 2022.

Pehredaar 2 Primeplay Web Series Plot
As the caravan suggests, Pehredaar 2 Primeplay Web Series starts right where Pehredaar web series ends. The hubby of Shyna Khatri has watched her with his father. still, the caravan of Pehredaar 2 give us completely different vibe.

For case, Sharanya Jit Kaur has been introduced as a family of Shyna Khatri who set up her family’s relationship with father- in- law entertaining. Sicne the caravan gave us shot of Deepak Dutt Sharma, we may anticipate to see Jaishree Gaikwad and Neha Gupta as well in the web series.

From last couple of months, Primeplay app keeps coming with the stories that resonates with followership with numerous scenes to exhilaration their pious followership. To know what happens coming, watch online Primeplay Web Series PEHREDAAR 2 on sanctioned app.

Pehredaar 2 Primeplay Web Series Cast
Shyna Khatri
Sharanya Jit Kaur
Deepak Dutt Sharma
Where To Watch Online Pehredaar 2 Primeplay Web Series
The web series Pehredaar 2 will release on 11th November 2022 at night. The web series is getting good response from suckers and critics for its donation and direction. We ’d love to see Shyna Khatri and Sharanya Jit Kaur in numerous forthcoming Primeplay web series systems.

In the meantime, suckers are agitated about forthcoming web series systems released by Primeplay. They’ve created rukus on the original OTT platform every Friday with their binge- good web series.

The series is firstly in the Hindi language to feed to the North Indian followership who love to see engaging suspenser web series. druggies with a subscription to the Primeplay app can watch and download the web series for free.

In the web series, Shyna Khatri and Sharanya Jit Kaur’s performances will be the highlight as they’re one of the most sought actresses in original OTT platforms.