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RIL, ITC, TCS, SBI, Infosys How LIC’s top 10 stock effects fared in 2023 so far

The top 10 stock effects of Life Insurance Corporation of India( LIC), which regard for roughly half of the life insurer’s total equity portfolio, fared in line with the request in 2023 so far, falling a concerted 3 per cent in ideational value against a3.81 per cent drop in the NSE Nifty and a2.7 per cent fall in the BSE Sensex during the same period.

Overall, the request value of LIC’s stakes in top 10 effects dropped to Rs crore on Monday against Rs crore at the end of December quarter. This is grounded on LIC’s stakes in the companies as on December 31, 2022. The March quarter shareholding for the large cap companies are yet to be out.

In the case of its biggest holding Reliance diligence( RIL), LIC’s6.53 per cent stake in the oil painting- to- telecom major was valued at Rs crore, as on Monday’s ending, against Rs crore, as on December 31, data collected from commercial database AceEquity suggests.

LIC held15.29 per cent stake in the cigarette maker ITC as of December- end. That stake was worth Rs,000 crore on Monday against Rs,923 crore as on December 31. Tata Consultancy Services( TCS) and Infosys were LIC’s third and fourth largest effects at the end of December quarter.

Data showed LIC’s4.41 per cent stake in TCS was valued at Rs,636 crore, as on Monday’s ending, against Rs,551 crore, as on December 31.

In Infosys, the value of LIC’s7.71 per cent stake dropped to Rs,126 crore from Rs,640 crore. The value of LIC’s effects in four banks videlicet State Bank Of India( Rs,134 crore from Rs,924 crore), ICICI Bank( Rs,520 crore from Rs,859 crore), HDFC Bank( Rs,024 crore from Rs,408 crore) and IDBI Bank( Rs,593 crore from Rs,775 crore) dropped.

LIC’s12.50 per cent stake in Larsen & Toubro was worth Rs,126 crore against Rs,641 crore.

Its4.35 per cent stake in HUL was worth Rs,921 crore against Rs,176 crore.

As per florescence Database, LIC’s share by value in companies listed on NSE went up to3.95 per cent in the December quarter from3.87 per cent in the September quarter. In rupee terms, LIC’s equity holding stood at Rs10.91 lakh crore on December 31, 2022. This was an increase of6.10 per cent over the September quarter. March quarter shareholding patterns will be out shortly.