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What is the cheapest way to reach Nepal from Delhi to Nepal?

Last updated on December 1, 2022

The most cheapest way to reach Delhi to Kathmandu is train and bus. You have to follow below iteration.

Step 1:- Take train from Anand Vihar terminal to Raxaul. Train name :-Satyagrah experience. Train number:-15273

Cost for train is :- 500 for SL and 1275 for 3AC

Step 2:- you have to cross the Raxaul and birgunj border, you can find auto, E- Rickshaw they will drop you at ghantaghar,

Cost :-40–50 rupees vary according to time and situation

Step 3:- at Ghantaghar which is place in birgunj city from where you will find night buses for Kathmandu. Book ticket on anyone if them,

Cost:-600–800 (ac seater)

You are welcome to Nepal, if you want a free guide I can help you if you are planning to visit Nepal. Because birgunj is my hometown 😄😄. Have safe journey.

Delhi to Nepal train time table

How to go Nepal from Delhi by Train :

  1. INR 700(SL class) Delhi to Gorakhpur – 12–15 hours
  2. INR 300 (Local sumo) – Gorakhpur to Nepal Border – 3–4 hours
  3. INR 500 (Bus) – Nepal Border to Kathmandu – 8–12 hours

How to go Nepal from Delhi by Bus :

  • INR 2000 from Delhi (India-Nepal Maitri bus) – 1.5 days travel in a single bus

How to go Nepal from Delhi by Flight:

New Delhi to Nepal train ticket price

  • Delhi to KTM – INR 7000 – 1.5 hours

If you travel by land, the border security on both sides check your bag.

If you travel by air, normal airport security with declaration.

Best is as subjective as Quality.

If you want the best time, then it would be flight.

If you want the best budget :

  1. Take the vaishalli express from Delhi to Gorakhpur (overnight; 8 pm – 9 am), will cost around Rs 2.5k.
  2. Take a local bus from Gorakhpur and reach sunauli (3 hrs), will cost Rs 60.
  3. From there, take a bus to kathmandu (9 hrs), will cost Rs 150.

Have a safe and happy journey.

PS : If you are too daring, go for a road trip with your siblings from your place to Nepal.

The best route is by air. The flight duration from Delhi IGI to Kathmandu KTM is about 1hour 30 minutes on a clear day. There are 4–6 flights every day from Delhi to Kathmandu. The first flight will most probably be by Nepal Airlines departing IGI Airport at 10:40 am. Ticket price for one adult(one way) generally ranges from 4000–7000 INR in economy class. Fares shoot up during October-November.

What is the best route Delhi to Kathmandu?

  1. Delhi-Kathmandu buses plow the roads everyday. There are private operators as well as Delhi Transport Corporation Buses available(DTC buses only run on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays). Travel time ranges from 30 hours to 40(extreme cases) depending upon the condition of the road and your driver. One way fare costs about 2400 INR.
  2. You can take two buses to reach Kathmandu if you’ve got extra time and little money. You can reach Nepali towns near the border like Nepalgunj, Dhangadi and Mahendranagar by travelling on State run Indian buses. These are available from Anand Vihar ISBT in Delhi. Theses buses start leaving Delhi from 5 in the evening till 8 pm and arrive the next morning. Once you’ve crossed the border into Nepal you’ll easily get another bus to Kathmandu. You’ll pay maximum of 2000 NPR on bus fare this way.
  3. Another option is Train-Taxi-Bus. Take a train from Delhi to Gorakhpur(U.P.). If you are Nepali citizen you can easily obtain train ticket. You have to visit Nepalese Embassy in Barakhamba Road, Delhi. There you’ll recieve a letter saying that you are a citizen of Nepal and you need a train ticket. Take that letter to Foreign Travel Section in New Delhi Railway Station and you’ll receive your ticket ( for the people not familiar with ticketing process of the Indian Railways, you people don’t have any idea how much this means, getting a ticket within a day). From Gorakhpur take a taxi to Sunauli Border, cross the border into Bhairahawa, hop on a bus, 8 hours later arrive in Kathmandu.

Since you have mentioned 7-8 days.. i think you are traveling by Air. First of all..Yes…You can use your ATM in Nepal..You won’t be allowed to carry more than Rs 10,000 so it’ll be better to use the ATM once you reach Nepal..Secondly, you will be staying for 7-8 days.. Consider visiting places around Kathmandu Valley such as Dhulikhel and Nagarkot..There are affordable hotels and lodges to stay in those places… While in Kathmandu..avoid buy things from Thamel as they tend to be expensive… If you have 2-3 spare days…visit Pokhara..which only takes 30 mins by air and around 4-5 hours by bus..Pokhara is heaven on Earth..avoid flying as its not safe in Nepal…And last but not the least ask for a “Thakali” meal in a restaurant.. You won’t regret it.