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World Health Day 2023: Theme and significance of the day

World Health Day is observed every year on April 7 to draw attention to a particular health topic that affects people all over the world. It also marks the birthday of the World Health Organisation (WHO) which was founded in 1948. This year the world health body is observing its 75th anniversary.

The theme for the World Health Day 2023 is “Health For All.” The aim of the theme is to create an opportunity for the world to look back at public health successes that have helped improve the quality of life over the past 70 years. The theme also calls on the world to take required actions which can help tackle health challenges today and tomorrow, the world health body said.

World Health Day 2023: How to mark the day

The World Health Organisation also shared some ideas to mark this day. WHO said that people around the world could organize a World Health Day event for their communities.